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Why do you Need a Vinyl Record Cleaner?


Cleaning your vinyl records is important, but do you understand why? There are certain reasons why your records are not in good shape and one of them is due to the dirt, oil and dust. Here are a few of the reasons why your records are in bad shape and a few reasons why you need a vinyl record cleaner.

Stacking Your Records

If you stack your records, they could easily start to warp. This is a big time non-no and something you don’t want to do. Along with warping the records, this might cause scuffs and cracks, as well.

Putting your Fingers on Your Records

This is hard to avoid, but when you put your fingers on a clean record, it will leave oil on the record. This oil quickly attracts dust and you will need to clean your record, again. Do your best to avoid touching your records and you won’t have to clean them as often.

Using a Bad Cleaner for Your Records

Approved cleaners are the best choice for your records, but some recommend products that simply are not good. You don’t want to use a product or liquid that you’re not 100% sure about.

Not Putting Records back in the Sleeves

If you want to protect your records, you will need to put them back into the sleeves. When you leave a record out of the sleeve, it can cause dust to build up, dirt to collect and many other issues. Make sure you always put the record back into the sleeve after playing it.