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Il Ballo Della Vita | Import

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The Ball of Life


“IL BALLO DELLA VITA”, written by the band and produced by Måneskin and Fabrizio Ferraguzzo, is an autobiographical tale that reflects the four souls of the members in the 12 tracks, combining the musical influences of each, while respecting their variety. A common thread links all the songs: the figure of Marlena, the Venus of the group, the personification of creativity, freedom, life, which moves between the lines and notes of the whole album. The lyrics, both in Italian and in English, are the result of the different inspirations, musical and otherwise, that have accompanied the artistic life of the group in this last very rich year.

“IL BALLO DELLA VITA” also reflects the live dimension that the band has breathed since the beginning of its career.


  1. New Song
  2. Back home
  3. The Other Dimension
  4. Sh_t Blvd
  5. Fear For Nobody
  6. The Distant Words
  7. Immortal (Ft. Vegas Jones)
  8. Leave me alone
  9. Are You Ready
  10. Close to the Top
  11. Nothing to say
  12. I will die as a king