Shipping Damage

We specialize in collectible/hard to find albums.  As well as offering a large selection of mass produced albums.  Because of this, we do have a policy for mail damaged packages.  We do package each order to arrive in new condition.  Our shipping methods are approved by our insurance company.  Every shipment is insured.  Please read carefully. The insurance company can clearly tell if damage is from shipping or improper use.  Damaged shipments fall under the same return timeline as our return policy.  15 days from delivery. 

In order to receive credit/replacement because of shipping damage our insurance company requires proof of damage.

Proof of Damage:

  • Photos of the entire damaged item, not just the damaged area. The more the pictures the better.
  • Photos of the external packaging (aka the outside of the box/mailer) IF YOU DISCARD THE BOX before having proof of the damage we can not file a claim.
  • Photos of the inside of the box/mailer with any additional packaging materials.

If we can not file a claim because you do not provide the proper proof we can not offer any replacements/credits


  • With in 15 days of delivery, email Include in the email the order number and pictures of damage.
  • We will provide a pre-paid return shipping label. (Emailed)
  • Send us another email letting us know you shipped the item.
  • The original damaged item(s) must be returned.
  • After we receive the damaged item(s) we will send you a brand new replacement. If a replacement is not available we will provide a replacement of equal value at your request. Or credit for a future order. 

If the original packaging is destroyed it is the customers responsibility to securely package the return.  



Products damaged due to improper use i.e. scratches, drops, heat/warping, finger prints, etc. Are not eligible for return/refund/replacement. It is pretty easy to tell if it is operator error or shipping damage. A good rule of thumb here. If there is no damage to the box it was shipped in. It will be considered improper use/care. There is one exception to this. Manufacture defects.  



It is 2021, manufacturing has a very low margin of error. However we do have your back if you have an album with a manufacture defect.

99% of manufacture defects are going to be warp or the albums wont play properly, like a long skip.  

An album with scratches, drops, heat/warping, finger prints, etc. that has no damage to the original shipping box, is going to be considered "improper use".

The album look new and unused. The manufacturing process of vinyl records does not allow the possibility of scratches/finger prints etc. If you return your album claiming manufacture defect and it is found to be "improper use" you will have your return sent back with out exchange or refund.



We can not purchase return shipping from other countries. After the insurance company accepts the claim. We will issue a full refund. Sometimes the insurance company requests additional information. If you fail to provide us with the additional requested information and the claim is rejected we can not refund you.