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As a result of its legendary DIY work ethic and ferocious live performances, California punk band AFI (A Fire Inside) has developed the type of intensely loyal fanbase of which even many big-name acts can only dream. For those completists who have been regularly shelling out more than $300 a pop for out-of-print AFI 7" singles on eBay, this collection of classic tracks and rarities comes as a blessing. A great introduction to a group that has been working hard since 1996, the disc showcases AFI's in-your-face mix of old-school punk, hardcore, thrash metal, art rock, and goth.
In many ways, the defining element of the band's sound is charismatic vocalist Davey Havok. Seemingly able to channel Iggy Pop, Johnny Rotten, Robert Smith, or Ian MacKaye according to the needs of the song, Havok spits out lyrics filled with doom-and-gloom imagery over a rhythm section that combines the heaviness of Anthrax with the brash energy and shout-along backing vocals of the Damned. Of course, this diverse approach to heavy music is part of what endears the band to the faithful, and this excellent overview should perk up a few extra ears.

  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 1/20/2017


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