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Guess Who

American Woman -Hq-

American Woman -Hq-

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The Guess Who: Burton Cummings (vocals, guitar, flute, piano, organ); Randy Bachman (vocals, guitar, tambourine); Jim Kale (vocals, bass); Garry Peterson (vocals, drums, percussion).
Producer: Jack Richardson.
Reissue producers: Rob Santos, Frank Ursoleo.
Recorded at RCA Mid-America Recording Center, Studio B, Chicago, Illinois on August 12, 1969. Originally released on RCA (3673)[78635 3673]-(D00). Includes liner notes by Burton Cummings & Frank Ursoleo.
Digitally remastered by Elliott Federman (SAJE Sound, New York, New York).
This is an excellent remastered version of The Guess Who's American commercial breakthrough album, and their best work overall. The title song, of course, is the highpoint here, and Randy Bachman's raga-style guitar solo is still a hoot over the metallic backing track (Burton Cumming's lyrics are customarily personal and oblique, but at least this time you get his gist.).
Other memorable moments include "969 The Oldest Man," a terrific jazz/blues instrumental with cleverly overdubbed guitar lines by Bachman and a middle section with Cummings on flute, as well as their best ever folk rocker "No Time," which has gorgeous harmonies. There's the medley of folk-ish "No Sugar Tonight" and "New Mother Nature" (it's probably a drug song), as well as the bonus track, "Got to Find Another Way," which is an excellent ballad the band recorded just prior to Bachman's defection.

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock
  • Released: 9/13/2018


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