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Record Butler

Record Butler | Anti-Static Record Cleaner & Handler | 2 Pack

Record Butler | Anti-Static Record Cleaner & Handler | 2 Pack

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Love your Vinyl! Protect your Vinyl!

Many of your records have fingerprints, dust or dirt on them. These foreign substances will significantly harm your record and downgrade your audio experience! The Record Butler is an essential tool that safeguards against dirty hands touching your vinyl! Each pack contains 2 Record Butlers, (designs may vary from pack to pack). Each Record Butler can last several months or even up to a year depending on amount of use. The primary function is to handle your records, but a nice secondary function is its ability to quickly dust off your records with its high quality anti-static fleece backing.

Dust not removed from records is particularly problematic, as it directly affects the audio experience, causing crackling sounds and can lead to dirt which is difficult to remove.

Directly before and after listening to your record you can dust it off with the Record Butler, due to the unique anti-static fleece, which attracts the dust.

The Record Butler is your loyal and indispensable companion. The only thing better than clean records, is not letting them get dirty in the first place!



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