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The Animals: Eric Burdon (vocals); Hilton Valentine (guitar); Alan Price (keyboards, background vocals); Chas Chandler (bass, background vocals); John Steel (drums).
Additional personnel: Steve Grant (guitar, synthesizer, background vocals); Steve Gregory (tenor & baritone saxophones); Nippy Noya (percussion).
Recorded at Country Lane Studios, Germering, Germany.
All tracks have been digitally remastered.
The Animals' formal reunion, complete with a new repertory and a well-financed recording. Ark has its dark, moody moments and sometimes bogs down in the sheer heaviness of the sound and sensibilities, but where Eric Burdon is on target as a singer, which is 70 percent of the time, the group sounds amazingly good. ~ Bruce Eder

  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Vinyl
  • RSD Release Date: n/a
  • Released: 07/07/2015


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