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Rosanne Cash

Black Cadillac (Reissue)

Black Cadillac (Reissue)

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. In the time that Rosanne Cash began writing and recording 2006's Black Cadillac, she lost her father Johnny Cash, her mother and stepmother as well. This album is a reflection of her attempt to process her grief, with open and direct songs without self-pity. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk album in 2007. Rosanne is the eldest daughter of country music icon Johnny Cash and his first wife, Vivian Liberto Cash Distin. Although Cash is often classified as a country artist, her music draws on many genres, including folk, pop, rock, blues, and most notably Americana. In the 1980s, she had a string of chart-topping singles, which crossed musical genres and landed on both the country and pop charts.

- Disc 1 -
1 Black Cadillac 3:47
2 Radio Operator 3:20
3 I Was Watching You 4:01
4 Burn Down This Town 3:09
5 God Is in the Roses 4:07
6 House on the Lake 3:31
- Disc 2 -
1 The World Unseen 5:13
2 Like Fugitives 3:40
3 Dreams Are Not My Home 3:38
4 Like a Wave 3:23
5 World Without Sound 3:40
6 Good Intent 3:44

  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 05/19/2017


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