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Soda Stereo



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Soda Stereo: Gustavo Cerati (vocals, guitar, programming); Zeta Bosio (vocals, bass); Charly Alberti (drums, percussion).
Additional personnel: Alejandro Teran (viola, flute, saxophone, percussion);
Axel Krigier (accordion, alto saxophone, percussion); Tweety Gonzales (keyboards, programming).
Recorded live in Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina & the USA in 1996 & 1997.
Soda Stereo: Gustavo Cerati (vocals, guitar); Zeta Bosio (bass, background vocals); Charly Alberti (drums, percussion).
Additional personnel: Tweety Gonzalez, Adrea Alvarez, Daniel Melero.
Recorded in June & July 1990.
With this release Soda Stereo reinvented themselves. Lyrically and musically the band acquired an elegant fury never shown before. Although the album supposed a big change to the fan's expectations, it didn't disturb the band's popularity. The songs are among the band's strongest and most popular. Included is the instant hit "M?sica Ligera," the one chosen by the band to play as their last song in their last show in 1997. "Entre Can?bales" and "Un Mill?n de A?os Luz" reveal almost sexually explicit but delicate lyrics, while the exquisite "T? para Tres" was inspired by Cerati's father's agony. The strong concept and consistency of the album is due in part to Daniel Melero, a former member of Los Encargados. Althought Soda Stereo had played one of Melero's songs in their debut album Soda Stereo, they didn't really work together until this recording, on which he plays keyboards and is also credited as "concept contributor." Along with Signos, Canci?n Animal is the most consistent work of the band. ~ Iv?n Adaime

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 05/19/2015
  • Genre: Rock


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