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D-12: Denaun "Kon Artis" Porter (rap vocals, programming); Eminem, Proof, Rondell "Kuniva" Beene, Swift, Bizarre (rap vocals).
Additional personnel: Dina Rae, Truth Hurts (vocals); Jeff Bass (spoken vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass); Obie Trice, Steve Berman (spoken vocals); Mike Elizondo (guitar, keyboards, bass); Ray Gale (harmonica); Camara Kambon, Scott Storch, Luis Resto (keyboards); DJ Head (programming); Traci Nelson (background vocals).
Producers: Denaun "Kon Artis" Porter, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Jeff Bass.
Engineers: Steve King, Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri.
The presence of Eminem as executive producer, co-writer, and designated white guy, guarantees a considerable amount of attention for hip-hop group D12. Fortunately for Eminem fans, their hero's talents are not squandered on DEVIL'S NIGHT. D12 is presumably a reference to the fact that Mr. Slim Shady moved to Detroit when he was twelve years old, and the same hardcore urban style that informs his own work is a major factor on this group effort. While it's Eminem's starpower that's given D12 a wide audience, this an entirely collective endeavor; each of the rappers in D12 gets an equal amount of time in the spotlight. In this respect, the situation is not unlike that of Nelly's work with St. Lunatics. As the opening tongue-in-cheek disclaimer notes, this album is full of the potentially offensive terms and subjects that made Eminem so controversial, and the album's emotional centerpiece "American Psycho" is a journey into a psyche as deep and dark as any on THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP. Nevertheless, the other members of D12 contribute enough of their own personality to DEVIL'S NIGHT to keep it from being just a busman's holiday.

  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 11/20/2015