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Sleater-Kinney: Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein (vocals, guitar); Janet Weiss (drums, percussion).
Additional personnel: Jessica Lurie (saxophone).
Recorded at John and Stu's Place, Seattle, Washington in December 1996 and January 1997.
From Olympia, Washington comes Sleater-Kinney, a hard-rocking, stripped-down, punk trio. No, this ain't 1979, but lead singer Corin Tucker does count punk godmother Patti Smith among her major influences, and it shows in this band's often-savage sound. Tucker also claims a debt to Aretha Franklin, and that too comes through in her full-throated vocal attack. Tucker has range on top of range, and she uses her powerful, vibrato-saturated pipes to wail about topics ranging from failed relationships to parents from hell.
The songs are edgy, revved-up aural attacks. Drums churn along at circa-1979 speeds, guitars are fuzzy and fast, and whatever "licks" exist are quick and to the point. Note that this is definitely not another "girl group," even though all three members happen to be of the female persuasion. And if you like your rock and roll fast, furious and feminist, with no frills and lots of angst, this disc is for you.

  • Genre: Pop
  • Released: 10/21/2014
  • Format: Vinyl
  • RSD Release Date: n/a


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