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Soda Stereo



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This album was Soda Stereo's most eclectic, most ignored, and most experimental work. It was also by far the least popular and the most pretentious. Just after its release the band changed labels (from Sony to BMG) and this fact conspired against the album's diffusion. Some fans didn't catch up with the band's intention, while others took it as a landmark of pop experimentation. The band used the sampler intensely and set the sound treatment carefully, but without leaving the pop structure. Daniel Melero co-wrote some of the songs and played keyboards, but the strong influence he had over the band was reaching an end. The album contains one of their most beautiful songs, "En Remolinos," as well as the hits "Primavera Cero" and the smooth and delicate "Fue." ~ Iv?n Adaime

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock
  • Released: 11/27/2015


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