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Get Up Kids



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EUDORA features tracks previously available only as vinyl B-sides, imports or on various artist compilations.
Get Up Kids: Matthew Pryor, Jim Suptic (vocals, guitar); James Dewees (keyboards, background vocals); Rob Pope (bass); Ryan Pope (drums).
Producers include: Alex Brahl, The Get Up Kids, Chad Blinman, Ed Rose, A.J. Mogis.
Compilation producers: Ed Rose, The Get Up Kids, James Tweedy.
Engineers include: Alex Brahl, Chad Blinman, Dale Lawton.
Recorded between March 1996 and September 2000.
In the communal world of indie-rock, between split singles, compilations, and the odd live favorite, the truly tenacious band can amass an overwhelming surfeit of residual rock. Kansas City's Get Up Kids are a prime example; over just a couple of albums and an equal number of EPs, the foursome racked up an inordinate number of such tracks up to 2001. Far from being mere byproduct, the covers, random tracks, and alternative versions collected on EUDORA are some of the most interesting work of one of the more intelligent bands balancing on that edge between pop and punk.
While covers are the staple diet of punk bands, the Get Up Kids don't merely belt out over-caffienated versions of their favorite songs, but subtly restructure classics by everyone from the Pixies to Motley Crue to David Bowie with both novel tweaks and unwavering reverence. Take their reworking of New Order's 1992 top 40 tune "Regret;" heartfelt, forsaking the irony some in the genre might imbue in a pop hit by new wavers, while finding the passion in the words of a surprisingly striking and forlorn tune. Mixed with originals, particularly the lush reworking, replete with cello, of "Newfound Mass," EUDORA is one of the better B-sides collections.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 10/19/2018
  • Genre: Rock


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