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Euphoria (Original Score From The HBO Series) [Purple/Pink Splat

Euphoria (Original Score From The HBO Series) [Purple/Pink Splat

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Labrinth’s original compositions feature prominently throughout Euphoria as a sonic companion to the show’s angst-driven narrative. The 26-track collection is a genre blending mix of gospel, soul and electronic influences, indicative both of Labrinth’s imitable style as well as the show’s deeply moving storyline. Labrinth says, “My experience with Euphoria has made me a better musician. It was a dream come true to give wings and add magic to the different storylines. It was a collaborative effort among Sam Levinson, the crew and the cast - I only added texture to an already phenomenal show. I hope that anyone who listens to the music embraces feeling something.” LP includes two 150-gram pink & purple splatter vinyl with download insert.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Color Vinyl: Color


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