Eureka | Translucent Green | 10 Year Anniversary
Mother Mother

Eureka | Translucent Green | 10 Year Anniversary

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Eureka is the fourth record from seminal Canadian alt-rock band Mother Mother, who have experienced a resurgence in online attention based on a series of viral Tik Tok trends this past year. Eureka celebrates it's 10 year anniversary in 2021, and is available for the first time ever on translucent green vinyl. 

  Alt-rock band Mother Mother has had a whirlwind decade; over 830 million streams and views, more than 14 million monthly listeners and counting on digital platforms and 2 million Shazam searches. After over a decade of releasing music, a new global audience discovered the band via TikTok, resulting in rapid growth across all platforms and a Rolling Stone feature on this unique artist development story. In November of 2020, the band's 10-year-old song "Hayloft" was the most searched set of lyrics in the US, and second most searched in the world, and the band have made several appearances on Billboard's Top 10 Emerging Artists chart. The band currently have over 1M followers on TiKTok and Spotify and counting.

  • 1 Chasing It Down
  • 2 The Stand
  • 3 Baby Don't Dance
  • 4 Original Spin
  • 5 Born in a Flash
  • 6 Simply Simple
  • 7 Problems
  • 8 Aspiring Fires
  • 9 Getaway
  • 10 Far in Time
  • 11 Oleander
  • 12 Calm Me Down
  • 13 In the Wings
  • 14 Carve a Name
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Color Vinyl: Color