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Mission Of Burm



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Mission Of Burma: Roger Miller (vocals, guitar); Clint Conley (vocals, bass); Peter Prescott (vocals, drums); Martin Swope (tape loops).
One of the most influential and important American punk rock bands, Mission Of Burma only managed to release an EP, an LP, and a couple of singles before tinnitus forced guitarist Roger Miller's retirement. It did, however, record a number of additional songs at various radio and studio sessions before then. FORGET, the second collection of Mission Of Burma ephemera--the first was PEKING SPRING--is mostly made up from tracks recorded at a single session in 1980.
Standouts include "Progress," an essential Burma song, full of Miller's ringing guitar and Peter Prescott's raggedly controlled drumming, the spiky "Eyes of Men," which sounds like Husker Du channeling an early Wire song, and "Anti Aircraft Warning," complete with duelling, simultaneous vocals. Though not the best place to begin a Mission Of Burma collection, this is an essential release for fans, showcasing material that might have made up the band's sophomore album had it lasted long enough to record one.

  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 12/21/2018


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