Francis Albert Sinatra Antonio Carlos
Frank Sinatra & Antonio Jobim

Francis Albert Sinatra Antonio Carlos

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Personnel includes: Frank Sinatra, Antonio Jobim (vocals); Claus Ogerman (conductor); Don-Um Romao (drums).
Producer: Sonny Burke.
Reissue producer: Gregg Geller.
Includes original release liner notes by Stan Cornyn.
All tracks have been digitally remastered.
After bossa nova exploded in the U.S in the early Sixties, its primary compositional exponent, Jobim, became known as an artist of unparalleled subtlety, invention and swing. It was only a matter of time, then, before he hooked up with the American who epitomized those qualities. Collaborating on this recording, Sinatra and Jobim both retained enough respect for each other to allow for a true fusion of styles, unfettered by either territorialism or obsequiousness.
Sinatra's relaxed, swinging style turned out to be a natural fit for Jobim's slinky, harmonically sophisticated compositions, and Jobim's conductor of choice Claus Ogerman and percussionist Dom-Um Romao are able to find a natural groove with the singer's unique, jazzy phrasing. Since much of Jobim's work was influenced by American music to begin with, it's not such a shock to hear Americanized versions of "How Insensitive" and "Meditiation." Similarly, when Cole Porter's "I Concentrate On You" is lent a Brazilian beat, it sounds like somebody just thought of adding peanut butter to jelly.

  • Released: 4/14/2017
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Jazz