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John Carpenter

Halloween Ends (Original Soundtrack) (Colored Vinyl, Pumpkin Orange)

Halloween Ends (Original Soundtrack) (Colored Vinyl, Pumpkin Orange)

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1 Where Is Jeremy?
2 Halloween Ends (Main Title)
3 Laurie's Theme Ends
4 The Cave
5 Cool Kid
6 Drags to the Cave
7 Evil Eyes
8 Transformation
9 Because of You
10 Requiem for Jeremy
11 Kill the Cop
12 Corey and Michael
13 Corey's Requiem
14 The Junk Yard
15 Where Are You?
16 Bye Bye Corey
17 The Fight
18 Before Her Eyes
19 The Procession
20 Cherry Blossoms
21 Halloween Ends

  • Released: 01/20/2023
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Soundtrack


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