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Marvin Gaye



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Personnel: Marvin Gaye (vocals, keyboards, drums); Gordon Banks, Curtis Nolen, Robert Ahwry (guitar); Raphael Ravencraft (alto saxophone); Fernando Harkness (saxophone); Nolan Smith, Dr. George Shaw, Kenny Mason, Ray Brown (trumpet); Sidney Muldrew (French horn); Raymond Crossley, William Bryant (keyboards); Elmira Collins (vibraphones); Frank Blair (bass, drums); Bugsy Wilcox, Nigel Martinez (drums); Gary Jones (congas, percussion); Sunship, Fleecy Joe James, Joe Mayo, Son Ship (percussion); Frank Bates, Lee Kentle, Rob "Just Fine" (background vocals).
Reissue producer: Amy Herot.
Engineers: Rick & Donna, Nick Patrick, Jon Walls, Renate, Frank Blair, Art Stewart, Reggie Dozier, Tony Houston, Bill Ravencraft.
Recorded at Marvin Gaye Studios, Hollywood, California; Seawest Recording Studio, Honolulu, Hawaii; Odyssey Recording Studio, London, England. Originally released on Tamla (374). Includes liner notes by David Ritz.
Digitally remastered by Gavin Lurssen (The Mastering Lab).
All songs written by Marvin Gaye.
IN OUR LIFETIME: THE FINAL SESSIONS contains all the tracks from IN MY LIFETIME, as well as tracks that Marvin Gaye recorded for LOVE MAN, an album which was never released.
Out of print since the late 1990s, IN OUR LIFETIME contains all the tracks from Marvin Gaye's final release, IN MY LIFETIME, as well as tracks recorded for the unreleased LOVE MAN. This expanded, two-disc edition contains multiple takes of soulful ballads and party-hearty dance funk, and is an integral part of the Marvin Gaye legacy.

  • Genre: Pop
  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 5/27/2016


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