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Jorge Ben

Jorge Ben [LP]

Jorge Ben [LP]

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Musical dynamo Jorge Ben singlehandedly revolutionized Brazilian popular music by fusing languid bossa nova rhythms, strident samba syncopations, and a tight, pop combo aesthetic adopted from North American rock and soul outfits. Ben's relentless guitar playing, effervescent vocals, and songwriting genius radically changed the international conception of Brazilian music. His vital compositions made the the bossa nova classics of Bonfa and Jobim sound tame by comparison and inspired a host of young, often iconoclastic Brazilian musicians to embark on their own voyages of musical experimentation.
Originally released in 1969, JORGE BEN saw Ben beginning to incorporate elements of American soul and British psychedelia into his already eclectic sonic palette. The album, with its canny arrangements courtesy of studio masters Rogerio Duprat and Jose Briamonte, and soulful accompaniment from the gifted Trio Mocato, would become a sonic touchstone for the nascent Tropicalia movement. The openhearted, subtly subversive sentiments of songs like "Take It Easy My Brother Charlie" and "Que Pena" resonated with countless Brazilian musicians whose creative efforts would, over time, assume the proportions of a full-scale musical movement. Tropicalia begins here.

  • Genre: Pop
  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 10/26/2018


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