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Run Dmc

King of Rock

King of Rock

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Run-DMC: Joseph "Run" Simmons, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels (rap vocals); Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell (scratches).
Additional personnel includes: Yellowman (vocals); Eddie Martinez, Bobby Gass, Rick Rubin, Larry Smith, Davy-D (guitar); Sam Jacobs (percussion); Orange Krush.
Though RUN-DMC's follow-up to KING OF ROCK, RAISING HELL, would propel the trio to worldwide fame, KING OF ROCK was a glimpse of things to come. With the rock guitars of "King of Rock," RUN-DMC was laying the groundwork for the classic cover of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way." One of the first rap videos to go into full rotation on MTV, "King of Rock" has become a classic song and one of RUN-DMC's signature phrases. KING OF ROCK also includes "Rock the House," "You Talk too Much," and "Can You Rock It Like This." In its lyrical and musical lexicon, the album bears the sheen of the time in which it was produced--KING OF ROCK is all about two MCs telling their fans why they're rap royalty.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • RSD Release Date: n/a
  • Genre: Hip Hop
  • Released: 03/05/13


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