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The self-titled debut from bicoastal American trio LANY is an enjoyable collection of indie electronic that focuses on shimmering mood and atmosphere. Like contemporaries Troye Sivan and Muna, LANY's transportive soundscapes wrap themselves around yearning and emotional cores. Much of LANY consists of these introspective ruminations on the ups and downs of relationships and heartbreak, like "The Breakup," "13," "Hericane," and "Hurts," on which vocalist Paul Jason Klein sings "The more I love, the more it hurts." That sentiment sums up most of LANY. When they kick up the energy, the results are bright and pleasant, a combination of Goldroom, the 1975, and A R I Z O N A. "Dumb Stuff," "Purple Teeth," "Flowers on the Floor," and "Super Far" stand out, while singles "ILYSB" and "Good Girls" create the catchiest moments. Overall, the album is an agreeable first effort. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 6/30/2017


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