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This was recorded at 3 dates in the Northwest United States in August 1967.
The received wisdom used to be that the Monkees didn't play their own instruments. While this was true for their first two albums, by 1967 The Monkees were both playing their own instruments, and touring the United States. This live set, released 20 years later, features the band at their musical peak. Occasionally somewhat ragged and almost proto-punk, Micky, Michael, Davy, and Peter nonetheless play with enthusiasm and spirit missing from many live releases.
The set list favors the hits from the first two albums alongside newer Michael Nesmith compositions like "You Just May Be the One," and "The Girl I Knew Somewhere." The CD includes all of the band's solo spots, including Peter Tork's banjo showcase "Cripple Creek," and Nesmith's killer take on Willie Dixon's "You Can't Judge a Book by Looking at the Cover."

  • Genre: Pop
  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 07/01/2016


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