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One Direction

Made In The AM | Deluxe | Translucent Blue | 2 LP

Made In The AM | Deluxe | Translucent Blue | 2 LP

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The band's first album since Zayn Malik's abrupt departure, Made In The A.M. is One Direction's fifth full-length release, now available in Translucent Blue double vinyl!  Leaving behind their early days as a feel-good boy band, the album was written in the early hours of the morning in between touring, which inspired its name. Featuring the hit single “Drag Me Down.” 2015, Sony.

Side A
1. Hey Angel
2. Drag Me Down
3. Perfect
4. Infinity

Side B
1. End of the Day
2. If I Could Fly
3. Long Way Down
4. Never Enough
5. Olivia

Side C
1. What a Feeling
2. Love You Goodbye
3. I Want to Write You a Song
4. History

Side D
1. Temporary Fix
2. Walking in the Wind
3. Wolves
4. A.M.


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