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The Cure

Mixed Up

Mixed Up

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Remixes of previously released material plus 1 new song.
The Cure includes: Robert Smith (vocals, guitar); Porl Thompson (guitar, keyboards); Simon Gallup (keyboards, bass); Lol Tolhurst (keyboards, drums).
Producers: Robert Smith, David M. Allen, Chris Parry, Mark Saunders.
Who says The Cure don't have a sense of humor? While The Cure had often struggled with the dichotomy between dancing and moping in an attempt to prove that the two were not incompatible, critics simply smiled at the band's audacity. What did a band of pasty-faced art students from England know about bumping on the dance floor anyway? As it turns out, the band knew quite a bit. While The Cure had not made a pure "dance" record since THE WALK, their albums usually contained a track or two to keep the ol' feet a-tapping.
MIXED UP collects, extends and deconstructs several of the Cure's bouncier tracks (and a few surprises) from the latter half of their career. Most of the re-mixes aren't that surprising, "Close to Me" is extended much as one would expect and "The Walk (Everything Mix)" lives up to its name. On the other hand the unlikely "Pictures of You" is re-imagined as a semi-dub track(!) and even the brooding "Fascination Street" turns out to be a lot more upbeat than one might have imagined. With the addition of the strong new track, "Never Enough," The Cure has no trouble rocking the party out.

  • Genre: Pop
  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 6/15/2018


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