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Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By (Colored Vinyl)

Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By (Colored Vinyl)

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Lovage” is defined as “an herb that is said to be a benefit for relieving abdominal pains due to gastrointestinal gas…also touted to reduce flatulence when consumed as a tea.” But when placed in the able hands of sonic mastermind Dan “The Automator” Nakamura recording under the guise of musical lothario Nathaniel Merriweather the result is a concept album of “music to make love to your old lady by.” With the help of collaborators such as Mike Patton (vocals) Jennifer Charles (vocals) and Kid Koala (turntables) Merriweather serves as your personal guide to the sensual side of life painting a satirical darkly funny portrait of love and sex with left-field hip-hop and instrumentals as only he can do.




 1. Pit Stop (Take Me Home)
 2. Anger Management
 3. To Catch a Thief
 4. Book of the Month
 5. Strangers on a Train
 6. Sex (I'm A)
 7. Stroker Ace
 8. Archie & Veronica
 9. Lifeboat (Officer and a Gentleman)
 10. Lies & Alibis
 11. Koall's Lament
 12. Everyone Has a Summer
  • Format: Vinyl


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