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Planet B

Planet B

Planet B

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Planet B is the brainchild of hardcore punk Justin Pearson (Dead Cross) and hip-hop producer Luke Henshaw. Unsurprisingly, the meld of Pearson's noise rock background and Henshaw's pointed beats produces a heady brew, with the Kool Keith-featuring opener "Crustfund" acting as the perfect primer for the record's pitiless energy. Big grimy beats and shouty rap immediately recall Brooklyn's Beastie Boys, but Planet B, while no doubt indulging in some mischievous fun, are a decidedly darker affair. The record is coated in a mucky wash punctuated by industrial-sounding sludgy beats that seethe beneath Pearson's caustic and determined delivery. Yet the compulsive, high-energy drive of tracks like "Join a Cult" and "Manure Rally" transcend the dirge and feature some of Henshaw's most imaginative electronic work. The acerbic nature of the music is bracingly matched by the politically charged lyrical content. The aforementioned "Manure Rally" takes a less-than-veiled pop at Trump, "The Tiny Hands fear its violin's tear while everyone can hear its shit is insincere," and "Disease Control" rebels against a decaying society. The stark politics of the record are bolstered by Henshaw's liberal use of horror movie soundtrack tropes, perhaps most striking on the final track "The Beginning Is Near," which opens with an ominous voice and builds with histrionically pitched electronics. The track also features Martin Atkins of Killing Joke and PiL, one of the many notable guest appearances on the album, with Yeah Yeah Yeahs' guitarist Nick Zinner also popping up on the brilliantly dark and punchy, Depeche Mode cover "Never Let Me Down." Overall, Planet B have surpassed what can be expected of a punk/hip-hop crossover record to produce something that is highly original and deliciously biting. ~ Bekki Bemrose

  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Vinyl
  • RSD Release Date: n/a
  • Released: 11/23/2018


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