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Smooth Noodle Maps

Smooth Noodle Maps

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Recorded at Master Control Studios, Burbank, California.
All songs written by Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald V. Casale.
On SMOOTH NOODLE MAPS, the band went back to the heavily programmed sound of SHOUT and TOTAL DEVO. Also gone was the band's trademark bizarre humor, resulting in an album that sounds very similar to other late-'80s synth bands. The album's first two tracks prove to be the best. "Stuck In A Loop" is a catchy dance tune, while "Post Post-Modern Man" is a charming piece of pop tunefulness (the CD version of SMOOTH NOODLE MAPS features three different remixes of the track at the disc's end). Other intriguing songs include "A Change Is Gonna Cum," "Pink Jazz Trancers," and "Devo Has Feelings Too." This would prove to be Devo's third and final album for the independent Enigma label, as the band opened their Mutato Muzika recording studio in California, becoming a successful songwriting team for movies and TV in the '90s (Pee Wee's Playhouse, Rugrats, etc.).

  • Genre: Pop
  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 3/22/2019


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