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Mudhoney: Mark Arm (vocals, guitar, organ); Steve Turner (guitar); Matt Lukin (bass); Dan Peters (drums, percussion).
Additional personnel: Jim Dickinson (keyboards).
Princippaly recorded at Studio Litho, Seattle, Washington, January 7-17, 1998.
Though they were at the vanguard of the original Seattle grunge scene, Mudhoney never really hit the big time the way some of their peers and scores of their imitators did. Their combination of punk attitude and '70s trash-rock riffs made their alt-punk-metal a virtual ground zero for Generation Grunge, and less-talented bands got rich quick with watered-down variations on the Mudhoney sound. The simple fact that they've refused to call it quits is testament to Mudhoney's consistency of vision, as is the vital, energetic TOMORROW HIT TODAY. The songs reek of bad attitude and a general sense of disillusionment, as singer Mark Arm careens through dark evocations of wasted life and promise unfulfilled. While the grit quotient is fulfilled by the guitars, there's a sense of control to the arrangement and production, making TOMORROW HIT TODAY a happy marriage of forethought and primal energy. Recommended to those that think Green Apple Quick Step invented this stuff.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 10/19/2018
  • Genre: Rock


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