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Violent Femmes

Violent Femmes

Violent Femmes

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The Violent Femmes: Gordon Gano (vocals, guitar, violin); Brian Ritchie (acoustic & electric basses, xylophone, background vocals); Victor DeLorenzo (drums, tranceaphone, background vocals).

Recorded at Castle Studios, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in July 1982 and Music Works Studios, London, England on August 31 & September 1, 1983.
The Violent Femmes: Gordan Gano (vocals, guitar, violin); Brian Ritchie (vocals, nose flute, xylophone, acoustic & electric bass); Victor DeLorenzo (vocals, drums, trancephone)
Producers include: Mark Van Hecke, Violent Femmes.
Reissue producers: Victor DeLorenzo, Brian Ritchie
Recorded between 1981 & 1983. Includes liner notes by Michael Azerrad.
All tracks have been digitally remastered.
An undisputed classic of the American rock underground, the Violent Femmes' 1982 self-titled debut still shines with its original luster. Quirky, catchy, innovative, and explosive, the Femmes made what was probably the first acoustic punk-folk-rockabilly-New Wave document for the dispossessed. The formula is as ingenious as it is simple--a trio playing guitar, bass, and drums runs through songs of adolescent angst, vulnerability, and social/sexual frustration.
In addition to their distinctive, minimal sound--guitarist Gordon Gano's rhythmic chord progressions filled out by Brian Ritchie's fluid bass and Victor De Lorenzo's aggressive brushwork on the drums--it is Gano's singing and superb songwriting that earmarks VIOLENT FEMMES. For the most part, Gano sounds like a psychotic, self-pitying, hormonally crazed teenager as he whines, stutters, and yowls his way through these remarkable songs. This two-disc deluxe edition includes rarities and live tracks, in addition to the paranoid "Kiss Off," the slinky "Gone Daddy Gone," and the lusty "Add It Up." And, of course, anyone who was a teenager in the '80s knows the glorious "Blister in the Sun," a seemingly permanent staple of dance venues across the United States.

  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Vinyl
  • RSD Release Date: n/a
  • Released: 06/08/2018


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