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Vitamin String Quartet

VSQ Performs Coldplay Viva la Vida RSD Vinyl

VSQ Performs Coldplay Viva la Vida RSD Vinyl

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Bring the symphonic sounds of Coldplay to your vinyl collection with the limited edition Record Store Day release of "Viva la Vida" performed by the renowned string quartet, Vitamin String Quartet. This exclusive release features the string quartet's masterful interpretation of Coldplay's iconic hit "Viva la Vida" as well as other songs from the album.

This Record Store Day release is a must-have for fans of Coldplay and classical music, and would make a great addition to any vinyl collection. The high-quality vinyl pressing ensures that the music sounds as good as the day it was recorded, and the artwork on the vinyl gives an extra edge to this release.

Don't miss out on your chance to own this unique and rare Record Store Day release. Order yours now at participating Record Store Day retailers or VSQ official store and enjoy the iconic Coldplay hit in a new way with the breathtaking renditions of Vitamin String Quartet.


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